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A Doctor will do your eye health examination, not a technician nor a machine.

The objective of our eye examination is, first and foremost, to prevent blindness or serious vision loss, and to determine the reason(s) for poor academic performance and problems in the work place. In addition, we take the time to carefully evaluate the eyes in order to determine the most accurate and comfortable prescription for glasses and contact lenses, and for the treatment of disease and visually related learning problems. These are the reasons we go through a great deal of effort to provide our patients with the best care.

We have invested in ophthalmic equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis and timely treatment of your eyecare problems. We routinely perform the following:

Print this chart, call other optometrists and compare their examinations to ours.

 Examination check list:
Drs. Name
Drs. Name Drs. Name
 Check acuity at distance      
 Check acuity at near      
 Glaucoma check      
 Determine glasses for distance      
 Determine glasses for near      
 Glaucoma check by Dr. - preferred - without the puff of air      
 Glaucoma check by technician      
 Peripheral visual field tests      
 Eyes dilated      
 Complete medical and visual history      
 Assessment of eye alignment distance and near      
 Assessment of eye coordination distance and near      

In addition to the adult eye health examination the below list should be available if necessary, for a complete developmental eye examination.

  Additional examination check list: Drs. Name  Drs. Name Drs. Name 
  Complete developmental history      
  Computerized perceptual therapy programs      
  Visual skills computer - this is not an autorefractor      
  FREE student visual skills computer screening      
  Eye-Hand coordination      
  Developmental skill testing      

by prescription drugs, vitamins, supplements, and over the counter medications as indicated.
    •    Dry eyes and other corneal surface diseases
    •    Pink / Red eye, allergies, infectious disease and non-systemic inflammations of the eye
    •    Foreign bodies in the eyes, traumatic and recurrent corneal or conjunctival abrasions, erosions,
         and ulcers
    •    Glaucoma
    •    Styes, eyelid margin inflammation and trichiasis, including blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction
         and chalazia
    •    Ocular consequences of diabetes and hypertension
    •    Computers and Eyestrain
    •    How to Read in a Car without Headaches, Dizziness, or Nausea